Career Opportunities in Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

The skills acquired within the Institute of Sustainable Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation’s online Graduate Certificate/ Diploma/ Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation are applicable toward a wide variety of fields, across many industries and sectors. From humanitarian aid, nonprofit work, and disaster relief projects to community development and project management, M&E assesses a project’s performance as well as its lasting impact. Whether you’re backstopping a project or conceptualizing a program, you’ll need targeted M&E knowledge to help make your efforts a success. Students undertaking these programs have career opportunities which include:

Mainstream in Development organizations and agencies,

Project Monitor,

Community Development Worker,

Project Manager,

Nonprofit Manager,

Charity Director,

Program Manager,

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist,

Corporate Sustainability Manager,

Social research organizations,

Non-Governmental Organizations,

Civil Society Organizations,

Government Ministries and departments,

Private Sector,

Donor Agencies,

Self-Employment such as Consultancy,

International Governmental Organizations.