Short Courses



Our Monitoring and Evaluation course duration is 5 days only and conducted online. Upon completion the student should be well versed in the following:

  • Being able to explain what M & E is and the difference between monitoring, and evaluation.
  • To understand the importance of M & E
  • To present approaches to project monitoring and evaluation using the Logical framework.
  • To set out the key principles for developing indicators.

Software Packages: Survey123



The use of data has become widespread hence the need to acquire skills on how to manage data in terms of collecting, storing and retrieving it. This Data Analytics course has a duration of 2 days of intensive learning and the following will be covered:

  • Quantitative Analysis Techniques measures of central tendency
  • Dispersion (Hypothesis testing, Association: t tests, chi square  & Independence)

Software Packages: KoboCollect              SPSS software