Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


Institute of Sustainable Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation will be recognized internationally as a premier institute providing excellence in digital education, consultancy, project sustainability, workforce training, partnerships, and economic development, in a rapidly advancing world, using technology to broaden and support learning opportunities.


To enable economic growth through meaningful sustainable projects by providing high quality, student-centric, experiential innovative digital education, to grow, thrive, projects that support communities and protect the environment beyond the classroom.



Built on the vision that sustainable project planning, monitoring, and evaluation serve as a keystone in developing society and building better futures for all, we commit to our core values of:

1. Excellence

We commit to the highest professional standards of quality, integrity, and performance in our programs, services, and operations including innovation in our teaching, research, and outreach with continuous self-improvement to achieve excellence in all our endeavors. We demonstrate Excellence by setting and pursuing high standards of professionalism and competency by:

Providing exceptional service to all while demonstrating pride in our work;

Welcoming new challenges and seeking opportunities for growth and development;

Encouraging and empowering each of us to achieve our best.

2. Respect and Integrity

We acknowledge the value and dignity of each member of the college family and choose to treat one another as we want to be treated as well as support an honest and ethical environment by:

Encouraging multiple perspectives

Valuing and celebrating the uniqueness of individuals and their strengths;

Respecting confidentiality and acting in a trustworthy manner;

Being accountable for our actions and adhering to policies and procedures;

Making decisions that are fiscally and socially responsible.

3. Student Focus

We are committed to fostering the professional and personal growth of all students and our fellow colleagues by promoting lifelong learning and leadership development. These interests are the primary focus of college decisions and activities.

4. Collaboration and Public Engagement

We commit to working collegially and cooperatively in establishing productive partnerships with our colleagues in experiential innovative education, university, corporate, nonprofit, and public communities. Through these partnerships, we strive to improve education and the quality of life to ensure a better future for all. We demonstrate Collaboration and Public Engagement by working internally and externally toward shared goals to create a more positive outcome by:

Practicing open and honest communication and sharing information and expertise that is essential for success;

5. Creativity

We nurture an environment that seeks innovative solutions to challenges through research, exploration, analysis, experimentation, and adaptation.

6. Accountability

We engage in data-driven decision-making and assessment of performance

7. Continuous improvement

Always raise the bar; never be satisfied with the status quo

8. Gender equality

Value women and men as equal, treated with dignity, respect and fairness.


"Sphere of excellence and sustainability"