Registrar’s Welcome Note

The changing nature of technology in the global environment has far whitewashed what the education system in many institutions provides for students, despite the continuing efforts of educators and governments to improve them. Priorities set by educators at all levels of academic are doing little to solve this problem. Assessment is one measure of academic excellence but it slowly but surely limits many young people’s chances of experiencing any semblance of the success in life that we expect for them and that they believe school will provide for them.

The present and upcoming structure of the education system at ISPPME does students a marvelous justice by delivering the quality schooling that the global environment requires today.

Globalization and technological encroachment are having some effects on the ways we conduct our day to day business as well as in our personal lives. As we embrace the information age, we can reap the benefits that comes from innovative technologies.

I am pleased that at ISPPME we endeavor to give you a wholesome educational understanding that allows you to recognize these discrepancies and thus empowering you to address the same through the perspectives incorporated in our teaching programmes. Education should amplify students’ perception of the world around them.

-mr z. matinha