ISPPME is an abbreviation for Institute of Sustainable Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation which
is a registered online institution and part-time institute with an objective to promote excellence and sustainability in professional
project management, training, monitoring, and evaluation. It is registered under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation,
Science and Technology Development(Vocational Training Act, 1978 in terms of subsection (2) of section 27 of the Act). It Offers 3 main Courses
namely A Diploma (Undergraduate & Postgraduate) which take approximately 12 months of part-time study. At Certificate level the course takes 6
months to complete part-time study

Midlands State University. ISPPME signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Midlands State University (MSU) on the 6th of July 2022. The MOU was signed by the Principal of ISPPME, Mrs L. Magutsa
and MSU Registrar, Mr T. Zishiri.As part of the agreement, MSU will provide oversight on ISPPME Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate programmes’ quality-related issues in compliance
with the ZImbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE) and other relevant bodies

ISPPME offices are in Gweru, Zimbabwe 211 Philip Ave Brakenhurst although everything is done online so your location does not
hinder your learning

Yes, Just like any other Organization we do offer Attachment in the following areas

  • Finance
  • Information Technology(IT)
  • Marketing

Everything is 100% online including examinations. We use the edorer platform and more information will be provided once you enroll
in one of the classes

The certificate will have both the ISPPME logo aswell as Midlands State University logo. In addition to that, it will contain
the MSU Vice Chancellor’s signature


We offer 3 main courses depicted below

  • 🔷 Professional Certificate in Sustainable Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
    Duration: 6 months
  • 🔷 Undergraduate Diploma in Sustainable Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
    Duration: 1 year
  • 🔷 Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
    Duration: 1 year

We also offer shortcourses whose mode of learning and duration differ from course to course. Below are the shortcourses we cureently have along
with their duration and mode of learning

Course Mode of Learning Duration
Data Analytical Software Physical 2 days
Geographic Information System (GIS) Physical 1 week
Events Management Physical or Online 5 weeks
Monitoring and Evaluation Online 5 weeks
Project Finance and Risk Management Online 5 weeks
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) Online 5 weeks
Disaster Management Online 5 weeks
Resource Mobilization Online 5 weeks

Entry requirements for each course you can visit the Online Courses Section and for shortcourses go under Quick Actions

All shortcouses are 150usd
Certificate = USD$390
Diploma = USD$430
Postgraduate Diploma = $450 respectively
NB For main courses, the amount given is for each semester constituting of 6 months excluding the graduation fee

We only take students with 5 O’levels according to regulations. That is our minimum requirement.

Yes, we have a payment plan. The main courses require an initial deposit of $100 which is the minimum payment and the remaining balance
will be shared between the next months. For shortcourses, we prefer full payment especially for those with a shorter duration although
an individual can request. The request is subject to approval.

Everything is 100% online including Examinations. Data Analytics Course, Events Management and Geographic Information Systems
are the only ones done physically. Venue will be communicated

Graduation Fee depends with the course taken and the information is given below
Certificate and Diploma = USD$90
PostGraduate Diploma = USD$100


On the website, on this page go under Quick Actions and click on “Apply Now” then choose the course you want to apply for
For short courses just choose the short course you want on the website

The application fee for all courses be it the 3 main courses or short courses is USD$10 unless there is a promotion which
will be communicated through our social media platforms and the website

Applicants should expect application feedback during a space of 14 working days but should
there be delays students will be notified but we do not anticipate for any delays

We accept any currency used in Zimbabwe. Contact us for more information on this number

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Yes we can apply for all our applicants provided they can not apply for themselves.

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