ISPPME 2024 Graduation

ISPPME held its 2nd graduation on the 9th of March 2024 at ‘Excellence La Events’ on stand number 204 Harare Rd Brakenhurst, Gweru. It was also a memorable day for the institute leadership and management as it demonstrated
infrastructural development – we celebrated a ground breaking event. Those who graduated were spread across many countries around the globe e.g Britain, Jamaica, South Africa etc demonstrating that the institute offers quality and has a global presence.

ISPPME had 54 graduates, 38 Postgraduate, 6 Undergraduate diploma and 10 Professional Certificate students. Among the 54 students who graduated 56% were females which was really exciting since we were in the month of March. 13 students received awards which comprised of Best students, Best Research studennts, Loyalty award and Overall best female student.

The Guest of honor was Professor Efiritha Chauraya, an executive director at Midlands State University: Gender Institute. In her speech she gave the graduands some advice.
Advice to the graduands:-

1. As you graduate today, consider yourself successful as ISPPME has prepared you well and you have a head start or a good departure point. Keep your networks including your classmates but select wisely a few friends.
2. Life is full of risks but there is only 1 big risk that you should avoid at all costs and that is the risk of doing NOTHING. Go out there and do something.
3. The first step to success is to wake up early.